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    Setting up ecommerce sites


    I've been reading these forums for a couple weeks as I get ready to take the plunge into reselling. I'm interested to know if/how you have set up credit card billing for clients whose sites you have built/hosted.

    I see several hosting companies advertise shopping cart features, but I'm interested in how my clients can send their customers to check out. I have looked at Host Charge and Revecom based on remarks I saw here, but they're not set up for the customers of my clients.

    These forums are great. Thanks for all the help you've already given me, and thanks in advance for any info you can provide to answer this question.



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    If you want online credit card processing, check out payment gateways like or another one called

    (They are both Canadian though, I am not sure about the U.S.A. because there are hundreds of solutions)

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    You can't, the customer has to get their own merchant account or payment processer like, PayPal, revcom etc. You can program their shopping cart for them but they should arrange with a payment processer themselves since it is their bank account etc.

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