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    Wan-Fu China, Ltd.

    Has anyone heard of this company?

    Wan-Fu China, Ltd. (CRUSEIRO-COM-DOM)
    P.O.Box CB-11901

    I was looking to register a domain and before I know it this Wan-Fu China did it.

    Is it possible for any of these companies to actually hide a bot somewhere between those 'whois' forms whereby it will keep track the number of times a domain name is being 'whois'ed ?

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    Funny thing, it's a China company, but the address and telephone number are not from China. Looks like this is a company owned by Chinese, but based in Europe.

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    Very possible and done without a doubt myrexxx. You can find lots of threads here about supposed claims (last one was about goaddy if my memory serves). As long as it is profitable and nobody enforces rules otherwise.... it will keep happening too. Check back in 5 days to see ifthey released it.
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    This is bad.

    Meaning to say the registrar isnt reliable at all.

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    The mobile number is a Dutch mobile.

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    The name contains the word "China", it doesn't mean it's chinese
    And Nassau is not in Europe

    Anyway, i've seen lots of registrations with that name in the last days in just dropped domains, haven't investigated yet if they drop the domains or not. Check the whois the 4th and 5th day from registration using a safe whois (linux whois for example) or

    When the domain is deleted, it may still appear as registered, so i suggest you to check every few hours if you feel the domain has no traffic, if the domain has traffic, forget it, it will not be deleted.

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    Thanks alot elmister.

    when you say 'domain has traffic' do you mean traffic coming from me?

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    Yes from you and other web visitors

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    exactly, if they get visitors on the domain, they will want to keep it
    if they don't get visitors, probably will not get it.

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    oh, you're talking about visitors to the site

    and not people who are 'WHOIS'ing the domain

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    I was just going through some notes I took.

    Apparently on the 17th of July this year, when I did a whois on the domain mentioned in this thread it was suppose to expire on the 13th of July 2007.

    But how come when I did another WHOIS on the 12th of December 2006, it was available for registration?

    Is it possible for the owner to just release it to the public for re-registration?

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    most web based whois services collect data and reg's domains for 5 days to test the traffic, if it has 0 there is a big chance the domain will be available during the 5th day from registration
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