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    Turnover rates for webhosts


    "I'm looking for data about the economic turnover in the market of web hosting and domain registration. "

    * I'd like to especially locate statistics of the % of people leaving a webhosting company every year for some other one.
    * Also, I'd like to know statistics on people leaving a webhosting company and not joining another host for their needs.
    * I'm especially focused on this data with respect to cheap hosting providers.

    A similar thread to this one has been started at a comparable forum, but to date there have been no responses: http
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    Not sure if you're going to get too many hosting companies willing to share that kind of data in a public place like this. You may want to start your hunt over at Netcraft if you haven't yet. They may not have all your answers, but they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Hey Jay,

    Thanks for responding. It doesn't have to be host provided information but it could be the result of some study or poll. Anonyimity is ok and probably preferred anyhow.

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    YOu would have to collect a fairly large number of responses for your data to be accurate. Some hots will have high turnover rates for many reasons such as bad support, downtimes, etc...

    Other hosts would have very low churn as their customer base may be family members, friends, and referrals from them.
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    It depends on the host. Most cheaper hosts will have higher turnover then the more expensive ones.

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    Ideally, you want to be maintaining a 92-95% retention rate for each quarter. It is not particularly hard to do, to be honest. The hosting industry lends its self to great retention rates because of the automation involved.

    That means that in an average year a hosting provider could plan to lose 80 customers out of each thousand. As someone already point out, though, retention rates will vary across different providers depending on the service quality being delivered. Businesses will also lose customers sometimes through no fault of their own; no need for service anymore, different requirements, etc.

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