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    Transfer files from one server to another-Suggestions plz

    I'm using a VPS to host some websites,and I'm planning to move everything to a new dedicated server soon.
    I want the moving proccess to be as easy as possible and of course I don't want to lose any files during transfer.

    My first thought was to download all files to my pc and then upload them again to the new server.But this is not a good solution in the end,because I have about 11GB of data.

    So here's the question:

    Is there some easy way to send the files from my VPS directly to the dedicated server?I've read about rsync but I want something easier.
    Maybe some kind of scripted FTP session.I have root access to the VPS and to the dedicated.I don't need to transfer databases/etc.,just directories which contain simple files.

    Any ideas or even links to tutorials would be very helpful!


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    I would need a bit more of information on what kind of OS and control panel you are using. However if you are using cpanel/whm, there is an import feature in the root whm of the dedicated server, you can use that, or login via ssh if on linux, then manually do it, then package the accounts, and on the new server wget them from the old vps.

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    I'm using CentOS and Plesk on the VPS,and will be using the same on the dedicated server.
    Thanks for the info JVS_Hosting,I think I'll use the wget option

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    hehe, I actually asked this same question in another post and just found an answer..

    you can take a look at ncftpget and ncftpput ( it should be called ncftp ).

    Other way is assuming you have shell access to both, just tar it on first machine and wget on 2nd machine. - Bringing Gaming To The Next Level - Come Play Fun Flash Games !

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