The Stanford based project was started when scientists and students needed a way to simulate the folding process of proteins. Proteins self-assemble (fold) but they do so amazingly quickly. Some as fast as a millionth of a second. While this is very fast in a person's timescale, it's extremely long for computers to simulate. Normal servers/computers were simply not capable to simulate this in a timely fashion so a distributed network of computers were asked to help. This distributed network of computers acts like a super computer by donating idle CPU time to this project. This network was called Folding At Home.

( ServerTweak Team @ Stanford Site )

ServerTweak is aware that servers are not always utilizing 100% of the CPU, and at many times this idle CPU power is put to waste so in order to efficiently use this idle power up we donating idle CPU from all Private ServerTweak servers to Folding At Home project.