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    Who does SkyNetHosting resell?

    They're a pretty small operation, so highly unlikely they have their own physical infrastructure of any kind, beyond a couple of home offices. Who are they reselling?

    I figure it may be ResellerZone. They even have the same plans, marked up a couple dollars per month. Or maybe they sell from a reseller of a reseller of ResellerZone.

  2. #2 appears to use (they use the Equinix, Chicago datacenter)

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    Looks like that's where the domain may be, but according to their site they use other datacenters, so they may resell from multiple providers.

    Question: How may times can a service be resold, while keeping the relationships relatively anonymous?

    I mean, say you resold SkyNetHosting, who is reselling HostingZoom, who may be reselling someone else's service, and so on. Can this chain be continued indefinitely?

    From looking around at all the bargain domain hosts and resellers, offering exactly the same services, it becomes pretty obvious that most of these operations are resellers of some other reseller, and probably operating out of a spare bedroom somewher. I doubt if many hosting resellers have ever even set foot in a datacenter.

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