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    Any Experience about webhostasp??

    I Need a review of webhostasp. Can Anybody tell me how is that? What about their services and facility?

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    I looked at and they clearly seem to be overselling. I suggest staying away from hosts that offer stupid amounts of disk space for under $4 month.
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    Hello. I've never heard about them. Sorry. Where did you find them? Have made search here?

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    But I mailed them. Their reply is Fast. I think they are very responsible. I want to know about the unlimited bandwidth from them. They told me that unless i offer some copywrighted music or movies it will be absolutely UNLIMITED. any suggestion plz.

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    They might respond fast, but they are definitely overselling. I mean come on, they are offering unlimited bandwidth, which we all know in the hosting industry, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwith.

    If your bandwidth utilization begins to use all or most of the resources on their shared server, they are going to cancel your account. Most hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth have clauses in their terms and conditions that allow them to cancel an account if that account is being detrimental, this includes using the "unlimited bandwidth" that they advertise.

    As a .NET developer, I stay away from hosts that oversell.

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    The worst host I have ever had. 1.Lost data 2. Down in prime time slots. 3. Always evase reason why problems occur.

    NEVER, EVER trust data with them. If you just want a personal static page for fun, then it could be ok, but there are free ones out there for that.

    It is cheap yes, but really unreliable. There claim of 99.9% uptime is totally misreresented and it seems they over stack thier servers, and do not have proper cooling or backups.

    Crap. Don't do it.

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    lawsuit against - scam of stealing domain names

    If you have any issue with webhostasp please contact me at [email protected]. There are many claims including my own claim that webhostasp had taken their domain name. What webhostasp does is they offer you a free domain name when applying for their hosting but after you will find they do not know how to properly run web hosting and their servers are either down or other issues occur. Then they will not answer your questions and you will be ignored. Then if you stop your subscription for whatever reason they will keep your domain name and renew it one year later if expired. It's a very bad business practice with no ethics. It could be claimed as a scam as well. If you have any complaints, you may email me at elawcase(at)gmail(dot)com or [email protected] and send as much information as I may plan to place the lawsuit or class action lawsuit. Please include your domain name, your full name, mailing address, contact number, let me know if you are able to go to court with others who are suing. The court would be located at the area of their business which is Emeryville, California which is near Berkeley or San Francisco. The more information the better. Also please note that suing this company we may all split some costs so you need to be prepared to put forth some money. However, the return would be getting back your domain name as well as other damages caused by Webhostasp.

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    Unlimmited bandwidth? WHat about space what did they offer you on that?

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