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    Domains and e-mails

    this is probably a stupid question but please bear with me.

    I am very unhappy with my host (who also handles my domain) and I'm planning on moving my domain and hosting elsewhere. But what I wanted to know is; if I transfer the domain, will everything be alright e-mail wise, or do is there something I have to do or purchase to keep my e-mail addresses? Or is it just quick and painless?

    I am very new to this; I've never transferred a domain before.

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    I want to hear answers to this question too. I have one another domain at Yahoo! which has active emails and I don't want to lose any emails during domain transfer. You know that I have many domains at Yahoo! and I am sick of Yahoo! and I am moving everything out of Yahoo.
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    Emails potentially could be lost during propogation. If you can access your old server inbox via IP (or another domain name) without using the domain name then you can check both old and new, you should stop receiving emails at the old inbox after at most 3 days, by then it should be fully propogated and all new emails should go to the new server.
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    As kohashi said, I've experienced losing emails when transferring a domain. Beware!

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