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    Quality over quantity, quantity over quality? Question for everyone

    Do you prefer to buy a good sound system for $399 or a so-so sound system for $99? They both do the same thing, they both play music.

    Or... a $49 hosting plan from a so-so company that you think will work out fine, or the same plan (specs wise) for $99 from a company that is known for its quality? Or even a $29 plan from some other company? The will all host your sites, right?

    Would you buy a server from IBM/HP/DELL, or would you order parts from online stores and build it yourself?

    Just wondering how majority here shops, hosts, customers and those who just pass-by.
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    I think its to do with the setting its in (and run with me on this

    If I have a stereo that will be used in an environment with a bit of background noise (e.g. say in a car, outside whilst working on the garden) I will get the cheap one. If it was to hook up to the TV to relax in front of I get the expensive one

    Personal website I will get the cheap plan, running a company off it I get the expensive plan etc..
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    It's totally dependent on the circumstances.

    personal page? cheap. Business page? quality.

    Servers? again, depends. I prefer Dell PowerEdge servers to any clone though. mainly due to support.
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    Like all things, it's not easy to come up with a generalization about this question, until you have specifics? Do you have expertise or a particular passion for hosting / music / computers ? If so, you may prefer a better purchase, no? But then again, you will know where to shop, and may get a break!

    Personally, I find an investment in computer parts to be justified, especially since I know how to build my own computer..

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    My answer is always quality over quantity, however with some of your analogies, they don't apply correctly.

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