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    * +===== Professional Template For Sale =====+

    Hi all,

    I have these templates for sale with unique rights

    Template One
    Template Two

    $150 for Template One
    $125 for Template Two
    or make an offer.

    What come with these templates:

    - Sliced PSD
    - Main HTML page
    - Exclusive Rights
    - Minor Customizations

    Payment via Paypal

    Ammar Malik
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    you are great and all the time comming with new concepts.
    You ROCK !

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    Thank You for comments
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    I will buy template 2.
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    please PM if Template 2 still available, i'm interested.

    Good Luck,,

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    If you make more, your welcome to email me or PM me at ANY time! I really liked your template 2, so just keep emailing or PMing me with every new template design you make and I just might be interested!
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    Does thi shave any subpages? If not what do you charge for subpages?
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    I can make free subpage for Template One

    Waiting payment for Template Two

    LuckyAnonymous I will let you know next time
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    Template one has been sold Thanks
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKDesigner
    Template one has been sold Thanks

    Is there any chance to talk to you over any IM once?

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    I use msn only its Ammar @ AKDesigner . com
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    Is template 2 still available, or has it been sold? - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Yes Template 2 is still available
    Last edited by AKDesigner; 12-13-2006 at 10:12 PM.
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    Template Two has been sold thanks everybody
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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