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    * Hosting Jobs / Partnership / Opportunities (For Everyone!)

    Hi talent,

    Thanks for looking in advance.

    My last seeks did not turnout so well in the end because of my own fault in a busy schedule, hence delays and people were turning elsewhere.

    To give you an idea of what I exactly need and am open to:

    Staff: I need helpers for this striving free host as soon as possible, you'd be working out of good will for free, and in due course you'd recieve staff benefits such as free domains and hosting. You'd be dealing with creation of accounts and support.

    Staff: I'm looking for staff to work with me, support duties. This would be for, you need to be experienced and fluent with many types of php scripts and mysql as well as all the ins and outs of CPanel. There may be one time jobs or if you are commited a long term place for you. Please contact me with some information about your experience.

    Partnership: I'm looking for partners who are real trustworthy team workers, residing in the US/UK. You may or may not already own a host. I'm looking for somebody in their 20s preferrably who has the talent in hosting technicality and people skills, well educated.

    Other Proposals: Talents have ideas, if you are one please do contact me - May be the start of a very successful and rewarding relationship! Perhaps your hosting service requires another brain/division in the administration?

    Get in touch with me if you get that tingle in your head! Even if you have nothing to say!


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