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    They are not legit, and I would stay away from them. Any sites that offer you for a charge to download Microsoft, Adobe etc is rubbish and all you normally get is a bittorrent file or a filesharing file.

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    well unless u buy it from the company site

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    Both microsoft and adobe do offer online purchase so if your purchasing directly through them it's legit, If your not your buying software with a cracked or invalid serial # that could get you into trouble if you try to register.

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    Dealers only buddy!

    At the price of Photoshop, I wouldn't buy it online anyway unless it's from Adobe. Even then, don't go for a direct download; make sure they ship a CD backup etc.
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    You always want to get a CD just in case. Even if it is a legit copy, what happens if the company goes under and you need to re-install. You won't be able to download it again.

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