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    Failure to Renew Domain Which Was Pending Deletion

    Good day people,

    There was this domain which expired on the 22nd of September 2006.

    From the day it went into PendingDeletion mode, I have been monitoring it every 60-90 minutes daily.

    What I am puzzled is how did eNom manage to register it on the 8th of December 2006.

    According to my calculation it should be open to the public for registration on the 10th of December 2006

    Still feeling very sore after what happened

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    Perhaps it was my own mistake not to back-order it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by otisdog
    Perhaps it was my own mistake not to back-order it?
    Perhaps. That would've cut down the waiting time as well.

    I'm just guessing here based on whatever limited detail you gave. But to me the
    domain name would've been available at the very least by Dec. 6, especially if it
    was originally registered with Network Solutions.

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    Until 8th December 2006 it was still unavailable for registration

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    Well, I was just guessing anyway.

    Don't take too long being sore about it, though. Life's too short spending too much
    time mulling on negative unproductive feelings.

    Check back after 120 hours (5 days). With luck, it might become available by then.

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    Why 5 days?

    Isn't it registered to eNom for good? I mean till next year?

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    There are a couple of discussions of that on the subject. Shorthand is if you don't
    contact the current registrant about it and don't look it up on your browser, then
    there's a chance the domain name might become available for re-registration.

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