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    * Review Request - Gaming Sites




    All feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

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    The best design of the three would be Arcade Witch, but with the green replaced with a gray or black like Arcade Raider.

    Suggestions for improving the design further are to make the comment text more noticeable (perhaps make it bold or just black) and to allow the site to expand to the full width of the screen. That site is so busy that there's no excuse for cramming all the content in a narrow column.

    Also, do not disguise your google ads like that; that's dumb. Plus advertisers really hate that because alot of the clicks aren't actually from people interested in the ad, so you're ripping the advertisers off as well as interfering with your users' ease of navigation.

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    What I like here is the easy to read text. I do not really like the scale of your header but so long as text is easy to read I'm happy. I would also ad some more ads

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