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    Post Click here to get Web hosting so good, the system's architecture has been patented!

    STOP wasting your money with unreliable hosts! When you need reliability you can trust a company like ours, we have been in the industry since 1995. With our proprietary patented clustered technology you will have the peace of mind that you have been looking for in a host.

    Concentric Clustered Hosting is designed to eliminate the problems inherent with typical shared hosting infrastructures. Our technology provides a ‘clustered’ handling of security, load balancing and necessary site resources.
    Clustered Hosting ‘virtualizes’ your resources beyond the limits of one physical piece of hardware. Your Web site and applications are not limited to one server. You access the processing power of many servers and your applications are distributed in real-time. This means that you can purchase as much computing power as you need from a virtually inexhaustible source, and even the largest customer never consumes more than a fraction of a percent of the total server pools’ processing capacity.

    Clustered Hosting also places controls and protections on scripts. A poorly written script can cripple a server; Concentric Clustered Hosting secures and assigns script processes to individual accounts by isolating script processes with our patented ‘Virtual Domain Environment’, so a script with loops and critical flaws will only impact the performance of the site it is included on.

    Traffic is dynamically load-balanced across many Web servers by Clustered Hosting as well, so the impact of an increased load is diluted. Additional servers can be added to the cluster with no impact on active customers. Clustering ensures that Web servers are available to handle huge spikes in traffic.

    And security is a fundamental feature of Concentric Clustered Hosting, not an afterthought. There are multiple tiers of security protections integrated into the Clustered Hosting platform, including intelligent routing, redundant switching fabric, and built in firewall and proxy technology. Clustered Hosting protects against both internal attacks common to shared platforms, as well as Denial of Service and other external types of attacks targeting Web servers.

    For more detailed information on the patented Concentric Clustered Hosting platform and how it differs from conventional shared hosting platforms, request our Clustered Hosting Whitepaper.
    Explore the benefits of Clustered Hosting technology:
    Increased Reliability: With Clustered Hosting, your site is not affected by other sites on the same server.

    Greater Performance: Clustered Hosting provides virtually inexhaustible resources, so you’ll see a higher level of performance and greater computing capacity than when you share these resources and a server may be overloaded with accounts.

    Added Security: With Clustered Hosting, you control access to your account and your ‘Virtual Domain Environment’ unlike shared hosting, where security risks are inherent.

    Affordable Prices: Clustered Hosting provides the benefits of a dedicated server, at shared hosting prices.

    24/7 365 phone and email technical support
    99.9% uptime guarantee
    Online documentation
    Comprehensive searchable support database


    With 12-month pre-pay
    2000 MB Disk Space
    40 GB Traffic
    80 Email Addresses
    10 Domain Aliases

    Basic Plan Includes:
    $50 Google Ad-words credit
    Web Builder
    Spam and Virus Protection
    MySQL Database
    Net Drive for managing files
    Free E-commerce and Web Apps
    99.9% uptime guarantee
    90-Day Money Back Guarantee
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    With 12-month pre-pay
    5000 MB Disk Space
    75 GB Traffic
    200 Email Addresses
    20 Domain Aliases

    Professional Plan Includes:
    $50 bCentral Submit It! credit
    Large allocations
    $75 Google Ad-words credit
    Web Builder
    Spam and Virus Protection
    MySQL Database
    Net Drive for managing files
    Free E-commerce and Web Apps
    99.9% uptime guarantee
    90-Day Money Back Guarantee
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    With 12-month pre-pay
    10000 MB Disk Space
    100 GB Traffic
    500 Email Addresses
    40 Domain Aliases

    Enterprise Plan Includes:
    $150 bCentral List Builder credit
    $50 bCentral Submit It! credit
    Huge allocations
    $100 Google Ad-words credit
    Web Builder
    Spam and Virus Protection
    MySQL Database
    Net Drive for managing files
    Free E-commerce and Web Apps
    99.9% uptime guarantee
    90-Day Money Back Guarantee
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    Click here to sign up or view our website:
    View our corporate website:

    More Features:
    Load balancing ensures site response to heavily trafficed sites
    Hardware failover ensures availability
    Resources on Demand
    Site and CPU Scalability “beyond a box”
    DoS attack protection
    Virtual Dedicated Environment
    Account isolation to protect you from bad neighbors
    Control Panel for real-time account changes
    File recovery from snapshop

    Network & Data Center:
    10 Gbps network backbone, owned and operated by us!
    Private Tier 1 Network with 200+ peering partners
    Daily tape backup
    World-class data centers
    UPS and diesel generator power backup
    Multiple fire suppression systems
    Redundant cooling systems

    Junk mail and anti-spam filtering
    Custom mail handling (routing) Rules
    Anti-virus solution for every user
    Mail distribution lists (up to 250 members)
    Secure WebMail
    Mail forwarding
    POP3, POP3+SSL, WebMail, SMTP access
    “Catch All” email addresses
    Shared contacts for users in your domain
    Proper MIME handling

    24/7 In-house support team
    99.9% SLA and 3 month money-back Guarantee
    SSL secured access to all account features (WebMail, Control Panel, POP3, SSH, etc)
    Shared SSL secure server & 128-bit encryption
    DNS Manager
    CGI directory & script library
    Easily install leading web applications and ecommerce solutions
    Web-based account control panel
    Automated file recovery from snapshot
    PHP, Perl, Python
    MySQL and administration interface
    PayPal® ecommerce Integrated
    Web Builder
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Access to raw log files
    Real-time site stats
    Site stats emailed "D/W/M"
    FTP account access
    Net Drive (WebDAV) file access
    Password protected directories
    FrontPage extensions

    Here are the prices if you want to pay monthly instead of yearly:




    And remember, this is real quality hosting from an industry leader. This kind of shared hosting performance is 1 in a million and were the one...

    Concentric - Since 1995

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    Is Clustered Hosting right for your business or Web site application?

    Concentric Clustered Hosting provides Web site and application developers a secure, reliable, high-performance hardware and software platform for your critical applications. We manage your infrastructure and give you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently build sites and business applications. If you have an application you need hosted, Concentric Clustered Hosting can do it cheaper and more reliably than a single or multi-server LAMP dedicated environment.

    Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Concentric Clustered Hosting. If you have additional questions please call our telesales number for a free consultation. If you have a more technical question please email our sales department. Contact Us

    Why is Clustered Hosting better than a Dedicated Server?
    Why are you looking for a dedicated server? With a dedicated server you get isolation, your own development environment and more control. In exchange you have to deal with or pay somebody to deal with the server(s); worry about server security, loadbalancing, firewalls, data security; pay for data center and bandwidth (power/pipe/ping); and, manage OS upgrades or pay somebody to manage that for you. Worse of all you have to overbuild to make sure you have capacity when you need it.

    That is a lot of overhead and cost to get a few features.

    Clustered Hosting gives you the dedicated hosting features you are probably looking for like a development environment, isolation and control. Clustered Hosting does this without you having to incur the HUGE costs of management, data center, security, redundancy and capacity buildouts. You pay for what you use.

    Clustered Hosting gives you the strengths of a dedicated server without the costs.
    Try a 30 Day Free Trial. You owe it to yourself and your customers!

    What type of developer will benefit from Clustered Hosting?
    Script and Web site developers that leverage PHP, Python and Perl and use MySQL as a data store will find Concentric Clustered Hosting tools familiar. Similarly, UNIX programmers will find the shell commands very familiar.

    Do I need system admin experience to benefit from Clustered Hosting?
    No. Unlike running your own single or multi-server dedicated hosting environment you don’t need any system admin skills to manage a Clustered Hosting account. You will receive a highly secure, isolated and load balanced development environment without having to manage backups, firewalls, servers, databases or connection points.

    The benefit of Clustered Hosting is a familiar set of application development tools and account isolation without the management overhead or cost of dedicated hardware.

    What is LAMP?
    L-A-M-P is an acronym for a common web server, database and application server technology stack.

    Linux - Apache - MySQL - Perl/PHP/Python.

    Clustered Hosting will benefit you if you are developing a site or application that leverages MySQL for the data store and Perl, Python or PHP for the scripting language. Clustered Hosting is different and better than shared and dedicated. Clustered Hosting gives you shared prices but not shared resource and neighborhood problems. With dedicated server isolation without the management headaches and cost.

    What hardware is your site running on with Clustered Hosting?
    Clustered Hosting is built for optimal web site and application performance. SunTM Sparc servers are pooled and used as a backplane for custom virtual engines and custom high performance multi-threaded web servers to ensure your web site is handled smoothly even under load that could bring a multi-server environment to its knees.

    All data is stored on highly available network attached storage which is backed up nightly in the event of a catastrophic event. Our unique architecture even allows administrators to recover from "snapshot" files deleted up to 24 hours previous (not including email).

    All MySQL database calls are served by a redundant highly available MySQL server fabric.

    All scripts are run in your account's Virtual Dedicated Environment to ensure it gets the server resources it needs and is protected from neighboring accounts and scripts.

    What is the VDE?
    VDE is an acronym for Virtual Dedicated Environment. The VDE is a breakthrough for clustered server platforms that provides unparalleled performance and freedom for Web site development. With the VDE you can upload open source scripts or write your own Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts without pre-approval from Concentric.

    The VDE uses a sandbox concept, which is a controlled, secure area where your CGI scripts can access all the file space, tools, and languages they need to run without interfering with anyone else’s Web site. You are also assured that CGI scripts from other sites will not impact your site. The sandbox is able to provide this controlled area for your CGI scripts by having the VDE monitor all access in and out of the sandbox, and not allowing access into the privileged and private system resources outside of the sandbox

    VDE combines both the WWW Virtual Machine and Sandbox concepts and allows programs to be run from HTTPD on behalf of a virtual domain, such that the running programs perceive the entire underlying operating and file systems as belonging exclusively to the virtual domain.

    All access to the underlying operating system is strictly managed by VDE. The VDE Microkernel orchestrates I/O and system call requests before handing them to the underlying SolarisTM; operating system for service within the secure sandbox.

    What features comprise the VDE?
    • Distributed Environment - The Clustered Hosting platform is comprised of a fault-tolerant, load-sharing cluster of UNIX machines designed to pool the resources of the entire cluster, which provides the best possible performance for all users. High performance is maintained even under conditions of very large traffic spikes caused by extremely popular sites, or hardware failure of individual machines in the cluster. For phantom domain accounts with dynamic IP addressing, HTTPD-invoked VDE scripts are executed on the least loaded machine within the server cluster.
    • Performance Optimization - The VDE and the Clustered Hosting HTTP servers incorporate numerous performance improvements and both use memory-resident programs and data structures wherever possible. For Clustered Hosting accounts, there are no configuration files to slow down Web page and CGI processing. Many commands are built right into the VDE Microkernel.
    • Zoned Security - CGI scripts in /cgi may be zoned into specific directories with specific security attributes. Zone attributes include file permissions for directory access. For more information, refer to the Security and Zoning FAQ.
    • Mount Points - Top-level directories in your domain tree root, such as /web, /files, /logs, and /cgi, may be mounted read-only, read-write, or not mounted at all for any particular zone.
    • Remote Zoning - Developers who wish to export CGI scripts to other Clustered Hosting accounts/customers may do so by establishing a zone that can be mounted remotely by other domains invoking the VDE. To implement remote zoning use our Customer Care page.
    • Domain-specific Environment - UNIX-type commands and system calls make the VDE look as if the host operating system is actually your domain, i.e., commands such as hostname, domainname, or even cat /etc/passwd all generate domain-specific output.
    • VDE Shell - When the UNIX-styled VDE shell is used, it allows for the use of many UNIX-style Commands in /bin, /usr/ucb/, and /usr/vde/bin.
    • Additional Public Domain Tools - Perl, Python and PHP are all available inside the VDE.
    • Runtime Management - The VDE contains commands to alter runtime parameters, including on-the-fly zone changes.
    • Automatic Page Counting - Page counting (Web hits) is automatically performed when the VDE starts and access information is easily retrieved by the VDE htcount command.
    • Hypertext File System (HTFS) - All commands can access files via the HTTP protocol by referencing the local /http directory. For example:

    • cat /http/
    • cat
    • Security Socket Layer (SSL) - The VDE is compatible with SSL and may be used to provide secure Web page transactions.
    • Debugging - The VDE Microkernel may be used to generate trace messages of all I/O calls. When invoked from HTTPD, diagnostic messages appear in the cgierr_log log file.

    What type of firewall, user and application security is in place?
    Clustered Hosting has firewall functionality inherent in the overall architecture. All Web Servers are firewalled from the public internet with all traffic ingress and egress being firewalled. Additionally, discrete non-routable networks with separate DMZs are architected between server environments.

    Concentric employs rigid operational and server control so NO machine outside of our network can talk to our network without our permission or through a well documented exposure point for customer scripting.

    Inherent to the platform is a security environment for authentication and script execution to protect individual accounts from one another.

    The Clustered Hosting security model enables site administrators to impose new ACLs on scripts so that you can limit individual script access to files and directories giving you tighter control of your account and script execution.

    How is Concentric Clustered Hosting connected to the Internet backbone?
    Concentric Clustered Hosting has multiple redundant OC 48’s between the Cluster and the XO Communications OC-192 IP Network . Within the Cluster there are redundant Gigabyte Ethernet connectivity between the web server cluster, data store and highly available network attached storage.

    Are my files backed up if I use Clustered Hosting?
    Yes, all data stored in a Clustered Hosting account is backed up nightly offsite in the event of a catastrophic event.

    Additionally, a unique feature of Clustered Hosting is that customers can recover data files stored in the previous 24 hours from “snapshot”. Data files including scripts, database schema and web site files sometimes accidentally get deleted. Clustered Hosting recovery from snapshot can stop a mistake from turning into a disaster.

    Are there any limitations to standard development on Concentric Clustered Hosting?
    Clustered Hosting provides you a secure, reliable hi-performance platform for your Web site and applications at a huge cost savings over single or multi-server dedicated environments. There are however some limitations. Consider signing up for an account and testing your application and our performance. We offer a 30 day money back no-risk trial to make this easy.

    No external binary files - Customer-supplied binary files are not executable from the domain root; all binary files must currently reside within the VDE system root. Customers who need additional tools installed inside the system root should contact use our Customer Care page. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Candidate tools could be public domain source-level applications supportable in SolarisTM; 2/SunOSTM; 5. No long-running daemon processes - The VDE terminates all processes related to a job at job completion. No network listener processes - The accept() and listen() system call interfaces are blocked by the VDE Microkernel. However, applications can open outgoing connections on various TCP/IP ports. Note: Some current runtime limits may be too low and may need adjusting. For example, limitations exist on the number of forked processes, exceed processes, and so on. These variable settings will be adjusted over time, but certain limits will always exist to catch runaway processes.

    Not all UNIX® commands are supported - chmod for example. In the case of chmod, you can use the Protect Directories feature

    Does Clustered Hosting provide me with Shell access?
    Yes, if you're familiar with UNIX shell commands you can telnet into your Clustered Hosting account and run shell commands. The FAQs and support center in your Clustered Hosting account includes information on turning on shell access, log-in and logging of your shell access.

    The shell interface will support the standard default Shell (the Bourne Shell, or ‘sh’), the standard C Shell (csh), the Turbo C Shell (tcsh), the Korn Shell (ksh), the Bourne Again Shell (bash), and the Z Shell (zsh).

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    Or call our sales department at 1.866.500.9696

    When talking to sales be sure to mention offer code:

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