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    * >>--99.3% OFF + Your Plan Your Price SPECIAL Shared/Reseller RoR/RvSkins/ Hosting->>

    Hello WHT users (That will be You mate),
    A1 Web Hosting Solutions has been in business now for over 1 year and continues to grow stronger thanks to its customers and their support.
    December is special for me as is for everyone else cause first of all i was born in December and second cause of all the great holidays coming up . Christmas,New year and of course boxing day.

    Well instead of having a special for each special day in December A1 Web Hosting Solutions is now running 99.3% off on all plans listed on our site . This means if you choose starter page you pay only 1 Penny(US penny though) for the first month, as the plan price increases, first month fee increases accordingly the maximum you end up paying is 55 Cents on a 75$ Reseller Deal. Use coupon " merrychristmas "

    >>--Now Here is the Your Plan Your Price Deal :-->>
    You tell us what you want to pay us for the plans that meet your requirements and we will try to make you happy and come up with the plan at the same price as you are willing to pay per month. Plus another bonus you will pay only 10 cents for the first month. You can post your plan at our forums : also.

    So go ahead and let us know what you want for this Christmas .

    We had bunch of nice clients signup during our special 99% off special in the thanksgiving week, so thanks to those who just wanted to give our hosting a try (maybe if they get time they might post something about the services). And are looking forward to meeting new clients.

    Remember if you are paying via paypal you must be a verified member else we might not be able to host you(exceptions to exists though).

    Grab this opportunity before its too late (expires on Jan 4th 2007, or when we run out of stock ,yup we do not like overselling).

    Paypal/Credit Card Accepted.

    Reasons why people choose A1 Web Hosting Solutions :

    Uptime/Server Hardware Info : or

    Whats on Server?
    1. Control Panel : Cpanel/WHM
    2. RvSkins
    3. Fantastico
    4. GD Loaded
    5. Zlib Loaded
    6. Ruby On Rails Loaded
    7. Ion Cube Loader Loaded
    8. Zend Optimizer Loaded
    9. Postgre Sql Loaded
    10. Imagemagick Loaded
    11. Custom Items will be Loaded if Required by Clients
    12. 2 Gig of RaM
    13. 2 Cpus (Dual Xeon) For best performance
    14. 2 Big Fat HDDS (check : for more info)
    15. Bunny Rabit on Top of Server (he is cute and cuddly and keeps server nice warm and cozzy and at the first sign of trouble reports to us For images check : )

    Please check out our default plans offered at

    Starter Plan
    350 Mb Space
    10 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $1.55/Month

    Personal Plan
    1500 Mb Space
    20 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $4.35/Month

    Basic Plan
    3500 Mb Space
    55 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $6.99/Month

    Buisness Plan
    5500 Mb Space
    85 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $11.99/Month

    Bronze Plan
    10 Gb Space
    100 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $17.95/Month

    Silver Plan
    15 Gb Space
    145 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $24.99/Month

    Other Plans :

    Starter Reseller Plan
    500 Mb Space
    12 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $3.95/Month

    Personal Reseller Plan
    1500 Mb Space
    20 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $6.99/Month

    Basic Reseller Plan
    3500 Mb Space
    55 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $11.99/Month

    Business Reseller Plan
    5500 Mb Space
    90 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $21.99/Month

    Bronze Reseller Plan

    10 Gb Space
    110 Gb Monthly Transfer
    Price $28.99/Month

    Silver Reseller Plan
    15 Gb Space
    150 Gb Monthly Transfer

    Price $33.99/Month

    Other Reseller Plans :

    Contact Us via our Contact Form found on the Support Link .
    Or Via instant messengers Listed on :

    Site Link :

    Customer Reviews : @Webhostingjury And @ Various


    Sites Hosted :
    Valued Clients

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