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    Rapid SSL vs Quick SSL

    Are there any difference in Quality? They seem to be different Brands of certificates... But both say GeoTrust. Now forgive me if I am mistaken and they are the same... Just wanted opinions...

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    From RapidSSL's site
    RapidSSL Certificates are X.509 Certificates with SSL Extensions that chain to GeoTrust’s trusted root(s) and which facilitate secure electronic commerce by providing limited authentication of a Subscriber's server and permitting SSL encrypted transactions between a Relying Party's browser and the Subscriber's server. In addition, GeoTrust may also enable the Certificate for use as a client Certificate.
    And on their about us page is owned and operated by GeoTrust, Inc. Geotrust ( is the fastest-growing SSL Certificate Authority worldwide.
    It seems just branding.

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    take a look at the answer in your other thread about this:
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
    uptime report for

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    Rep: RapidSSL vs QuickSSL

    RapidSSL is considered appropriate for things like logins, or very light eCommerce. The main reason to choose QuickSSL over RapidSSL is name recognition; the GeoTrust site seal is something most people recognize. An independent study recently found that something like 70% of consumers will abandon a transaction if they don't recognize the issuer of the SSL certificate. To me personally, submitting a Drivers License number is even more of a risk than submitting a credit card number, so I think QuickSSL would be more appropriate.

    You didn't ask about QuickSSL Premium, but in case you're curious, Premium certificates come with a live date and time stamp for an additional level of reassurance to the validity of the seal. Plus, they're the only certificate we offer that has mobile ubiquity, so if you think there is a good chance your applicants will be filling out the information on a mobile device, a Premium certificate may be appropriate.
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    Though the talk is centered on QuickSSL over RapidSSL, I think the new web trend is now on EV. EV is more appealing to customers. Though a bit on the high side for beginners,but is the most appropriate.

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    functions of both Rapid SSL and and quick SSL are same. Only the difference is brading, both are from different brand.

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