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    Question Delete an IP From IPTables?

    can please somone tell me what command do i have to use to Delete an IP address from iptables?

    Thanks a lot

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    nobody..? i have some users blocked out from there websites but dont know how to delete there static IPs from iptables...

    thanks for help!

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    You can delete a line in the iptables using
    iptables -D INPUT <<number here>>
    To find the line number of that IP you can use
    iptables -L INPUT -n --line-numbers --> May be put a | grep of the IP you want.
    This will show the line number on the left.
    Shoot any questions if you have.
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    # to delete a rule
    iptables -D input -s -j DROP
    ie just the same as when it was inserted, only with -D to delete it

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    you can also Flush all IP from IPtables by using command

    iptables --flush

    Thank you.

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