I am still looking for work in the following areas:

  • Technical Support [Level 1]
  • Sales
  • Consulting

I have been involved in the hosting industry for just about 5 years now, mostly from a managerial standpoint. I do not have the greatest technological qualifications, but I can solve most common problems and concerns that you as my future boss or a client may have.

I have an in depth knowledge of cPanel / WHM, ModernBill, and Kayako SupportSuite. I also have knowledge in ClientExec and InterWorx-CP. I can learn pretty much any software that your business uses very quickly.

Unfortunately I do not have any consulting clients, but I do have references that you can contact of people that I have worked with in the past. They can attest to my knowledge of the industry. I will offer these services at $35/hr. I am always open to helping any company out with simple questions that you may have if you choose to hire me at no extra charge. I only charge the consulting fee if I feel it is warranted, which is only for issues that are more involved.

If you are looking for help with anything other than programming and designing, you can always ask if I can help you out with anything. You can contact me if you would like to see my resume. My contact information is as follows:

AIM: GrsyLake24
MSN: [email protected]
Cell #: PM me for this

Thank you all for your consideration!