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    European Hosting?

    I am going to be starting out a somewhat popular website in Poland, and while it won't start out as a huge traffic hog it may very well become one. I would really like to find a dependable and scalable hosting solution that is situated in Europe.

    I'm guessing I won't need more than 100GB of bandwidth to start out. I would also not be looking for a dedicated server as that's a bit of a big investment at the moment, so Rackspace is out of the picture. Ideally just a simple VPS or Shared hosting solution that gives me mySQL, PHP, and a nice control panel.

    I really appreciate your suggestions. Let me know if you need any more information as well.


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    Well, is there any specific reason why the hosting must be in Europe? I say this because US based hosting tends to be cheaper and you won't notice any page loading differences.

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    I'm using hosting (european based Company) and and I'm very happy with their performance and support.They are based in Germany,but they have daily 400.000 hit limit .You can test my site at

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    You may want to take a look at, they look to be reasonably priced. (I don't speak French). Personally, I'd stay away from shared hosts who oversell such as Servage, especially if you will be using a large PHP/MYSQL based site.

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