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    co-location beginner question

    I've never tried co-location before and has always been using dedicated hosting. I heard that the biggest disadvantage to co-lo is that if there's a hardware problem, the NOC technicians cannot just remove and replace the faulty hardware because the warranty becomes void. Is that true? Do you really need your own staff to install, replace faulty hardware, etc physically at the DC? Thanks in advance.

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    Not at all, any good server manufacturer will happily let you exchange faulty parts for new ones, as well as upgrade the server, without compromising the warranty. Infact the bigger players such as Dell and HP will even offer onsite support so that your server can be repaired at the datacentre.


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    It really depends on the datacenter you go with. If you are colocating with a relatively small datacenter (IE: they lease a suit in a large building), then they will probably replace faulty server parts for you for a small fee. However, if you are in a large building (NYCC in new york comes to mind), you will have to find somebody to hire as your remote hands help for replacing faulty parts or fixing a server. NYCC maintains a facility and a network for you to hook up to, while a smaller colocation provider would (be able to) maintain everything.


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