Which Web Host
Hi, hopefully you can help me. I am looking at building a new website using one of the hosting companies web building tools. I have contacted quite a few and am looking at the following companies:

Easyspace which costs 50 a year for their package.

123 reg which costs 10.56 a month for their business package

Stratto, which is a similar price to 123, but you get a year free.

Streamline which is 123 for the year.


Easily which is around 100 for the year.

Can anyone recomend any of the above companies as hosters and also has anyone used there web building templates before.

Alternatively can anyone recomend another company they feel offers better value that includes a web building template of up to 40 pages. The site should be no more than 1gb and traffic less than 10gb.

I would appreciate any help.