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    Site Redesign +Logo Worth $575+

    Hi All,

    Thanks for reading, please see:

    Below are details at sitepoint:
    This a Our main site redeisgn contest.
    First of all thanks for taking time for reading this post.
    I rarely post but I do visit here actively and see various design contests and I like what I see here.
    This is what we need:

    1. Website homepage only redesign with header and footer
    2. Secondary pages header and footer matching.
    3. New Logo 2-3 different sizes for various placements.
    3. 3 Banners 2 full and 1 small
    Strongly Recommnded:
    Background must be white.
    All the front text should fit homepage. (What you see right now at
    Clean and crist new design with fast loading site and attractive ( 1 st impression is the last impression)
    Easy to add html to additional pages.
    Attractive header.

    This is what we can provide you in return:
    1. 1 Yr of our FREE reselelr R1500-15 Plan ($299 Value) See details here: +
    2. $75 Paypal cash upon completion
    3. Free merchant account (True merchant account, for US only) See details here: ($199 Value)

    If I am asking too much or missed something please add or I will add it as I remember or update my post. Completion time 1-2 weeks from today or around July 5-7th.

    We are 6 months old company, strongly growing fast with over 1000 customers
    +, in need of new look.

    Thanks again for reading, Good luck everyone.

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    Since its registered members only at that link it would be good if you could post your message here rather than linking to another forum which requires a signup.
    UK Based Freelance PHP Developer
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    Would you consider paying the total fee for the services in cash? I already have suitable hosting, but am still interested in the job. Please reply here, or PM, thanks
    Mark Barron
    [PHP] Incite Designs
    [email protected]

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    Have you considered looking at a premade template. With a little photoshop knowledge you could use the supplyed PSD files to create the required banners.

    Have a look at
    UK Based Freelance PHP Developer
    PHP/SQL/Ajax/HTML5 - Contact for Quote

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    Check my site out. I'm a freelance graphic designer. My site isn't all flashy - rather simple yet fresh, and very clean. It was designed that wya to be to the point, yet professional.

    I've been designing for 5 years now. If your interested in what I can further offer you, just PM me or reply in this post.

    My site:
    More references upon request.

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    It's bad to ruin someone else's advertisement dude.
    Santiago Yajan Cruz
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    Hello thats a link to my site a few posts up...There is a more updated portfolio site here:
    We also do custom work so if you like what you see email/pm/icq me.
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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