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    Question Need 2 Dedicated Servers - Suggestions?

    Hello All,

    I have just been put in charge of getting 2 new dedicated servers for the company I work for.

    I started searching around the web, but before I explore around to the millions and millions of webhosts, I figured I would post a comment here and let all you experts hopefully guide me in the right direction… =) (Thanks in advance!!!)

    Neither of the servers need to be *overly* beefy.

    1 server is going to be a development server for our programmers here. So, it will use next to no bandwidth. (But, developers don’t like slow machines!)

    The other one is going to be running H-Sphere and will be used for hosting our customer’s websites.

    I’d like it to be a P4 with at least 1 GB of RAM. Some sort of mirrored hard drive or backup would also be good, since we’ve had some bad experiences in the past. And, of course, reliability is key since if our server goes offline that hosts customer sites, we’ll have tons of support calls rush in.

    The server can be unmanaged since we have people here who can take care of everything.

    My challenge is to find the best/lowest price that gives us solid specs and a quality host. (I know cheap vs. quality are sort of polar opposites, but I’m sure somewhere a host has managed to crack this conundrum!)

    Any comments, thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

    (Do you think we could get a better deal because we’re getting 2 servers instead of 1?)


    -- Jason

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    softlayer of the planet imo... softlayer would prob be best, since planet is kinda hard to get through lately from what i've seen... And most bigger hosts wont care much wether you order one or two servers, so don't count on getting and discounts due to that

    Consider a Xeon instead of a P4 btw, depending on your budget, a P4 might not bring you as much power per dollar spend as a xeon... For the cheaper servers on reliable networks i would recommend those two tho...
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    I second Softlayer. Not the cheapest but the best value for money in my opinion. They have the solid specs and the great quality/support that you need Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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    Cost is a factor try Layeredtech. For companies that will negotiate with you for 2 servers and have good support I would recommend:

    Hivelocity, Webnx, Ncommunikation or Razorservers.

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    If you are looking for quality and cost effective, look at buying two Dell or Compaq Pentium D's over the Pentium 4's or Xeon's and then collocate them with someone close to you. Make sure who you collocate with allows for remote hands etc. This is usually much better than rental when looking at quality and cost effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonpicard
    [The other one is going to be running H-Sphere and will be used for hosting our customer’s websites.
    You might want to up the ram in the Hsphere box to 2gigs. 1 gig will work, but 2 will be better. Are you going to be running SiteStudio as well? If so, you will want as much cpu as you can afford. Check out the Hsphere specs at

    Make sure your box meets all the requirements and you hsould be good to go.
    A single PIV would probably be ok to start with, but you will probably want to add a seperate web/mysql server in the near future.

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    I would go with, as i have my servers there, and so far they have been great.

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    SL much better as compare to LT service wise (however LT network is good).
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    Softlayer is a great company to work with, if you're looking for lower end servers LayeredTech would be better.

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    You may want to take a look here, alot of good provides

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