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    * Custmized Banner Add Tracking

    Hi Everyone,

    My company is looking to start hosting banner adds for movie/video game companies. Most of these banner adds will have videos or trailers in

    These adds will have 8 target points that need to be tracked and the 8 target points might be different for each add - ie. scrolling over the add, clicking the play button, how long the video/song was wathced/listened to etc...

    Below is a URL giving an example of some of the things we need (it tracks flash video):

    Let me know if anyone knows a good company for customized/in
    depth tracking for these banner adds.

    Brandon Mizrahie

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    check this service,

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    thanks spechackers, just sent them an email.

    If anyone knows any other companies/individuals that can provide tracking for flash banner adds we're willing to pay top dollar.

    Brandon Mizrahie

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    I'm not sure if this program can do everything you want it to, but it's free and open-source... I've used it for the past year and a half and it works nicely for managing and tracking banner ads.


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