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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    I have php 4.2.1 and I installed phpNuke, but when i goes to index.php or admin.php i don't see anything. What can i do? Any idea?

    You may see at

    Thanks for your help

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    Installing PHP on your server is not enough, your web server software has to be setup to support it as well. Has it been?

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    If the URL you gave is correct absolutley nothing comes up...

    The first step would be to check the permissions for the file...

    I haven't done any unix (assuming it is)...

    the file permissions for the folder (html) should be 755.
    -- chmod 755 html

    the permissions for the files in the directory should be 644

    -- chmod 644 *.html

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    What do your error logs say?

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    I'd have to agree with making sure that php is set up properly first. I get some pretty funky errors when going there, after you set up php, maybe you could re-upload the script. It doesn't look like your webserver is serving up any php at all.
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