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    XHTML / CSS Coder + Wordpress Porter for Hire

    How's it going everyone?
    For the next few weeks I'm looking to take a break from custom design for a while and take on some smaller coding jobs of things you already have designed.

    Previous Work:

    I code in valid Xhtml & CSS, and try to make the code as clean and organized as possible. A one page design starts at $100 and $10 per subpage. Payment is via paypal.

    I can also turn any design into a working Wordpress theme. You shouldn't have any doubts about that because I've released three wordpress themes and powered multiple sites on Wordpress including Devlounge. Wordpress porting starts at $200.

    Just drop me a line if you're interested, either via pm, reply, or email to [email protected].

    One more thing, payment is via paypal.


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    Can you code a 1 home and 6 subpages? How much time you will need?


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