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    Dynamic Content, what do I need?

    I have a mysql database. I figured I could use it to an advantage for dynamic content. I'm pretty sure there are open source software for this so please let me know.

    I need to have the following content on my website:

    1) Dynamic News Updating:
    a) probably going to use a blog software like wordpress or something
    b) Isn't there an open source software for this?
    c) This is like the front page where it lists the changes and such to the website.

    2) Shopping Cart:
    a) A shopping cart where they can choose certain products and it will update dynamically on the total to the side.

    3) Member Login:
    a) I want it so that members can register to my website and they will see more content. Hopefully its able to synchronize with my forums, If not I'm willing to pay for a professional forum software to be able to do this.

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    sounds like you are looking for a CMS (Content Management System). Google names like Post Nuke, Joomla, Type3, etc...

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