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    How would you start becoming a (tiny) "reseller" or offering hosting to ones clients?


    Currently I am considering about offering hosting to some of my rather small clients whose sites I've done and/or updateing/maintaining their sites (almost only low traffic ones). Because some of them are hosted on really poo companies and for me it would be much easier to have them all or most of them on the same "platform". And if I would do so I also thought of offering hosting to future clients in general, mainly focusing small firms and rather no private users and absolutely no high volume multi-national company ones. Hm..

    Therefore I searched a bit and till yet found two or three companies that looked quite ok to me, but any further suggestions would be very helpful. Or if my intention should be generally rather poo, I don't know... don't be quiet.

    I'm mainly considering between Media Temple's Grid-Server for the beginning and/or their Dedicated-Virtual, rather for later - I'm not sure. Or Site5's Reseller Hosting (mainly focused on the 20 Dollar Deal).
    I also put an eye on TextDrive's Accellerator Hosting, but to begin with this would rather be a bit too cost intensive for me and also a bit to time consuming to get started with.

    I'm not really sure if it would be a good decision anyway to start "offering" hosting to clients. If it should be one I should find a stable place where to nest my clients. So I am eager to anything which could be helpful in any way for making a decision.

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    Welcome to WHT asket! I'm taking it your a web designer now? If so, it's pretty natural for people to start off as designers, then move into hosting their clients, then moving to more main stream hosting. That's what we did and there's a lot of other people that have done that as well. So, first off, your decision is a good one, just do your research and learn as much as you can about the industry.
    Secondly, the companies you mentioned have been mentioned here a lot, do a search here and maybe Google and get reviews. I'm sure people with experience with your listed companies will share their experiences with you shortly.
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    Yep. You're right, I'm a web designer. And thanks for your reply. It seems that my intention is at least not a silly one. Currently I'm scanning this forum about the above mentioned companies... there's by far too much. This will take its time

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    What I usually advise people to do is choose say a half dozen or so hosts that fit your needs and that you think are good. Make a list. Then ask questions here, check for more reviews then actually contact each host. Checking for response times and the types of responses you get. Winding your list down till you find the one that you think is good for you. Especially being a reseller you'll want to make sure your support is excellent! Best of luck!
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    I agree with Jim, just do a lot of research here. Only purchase hosting packages that suits your needs. Don't buy hosting pkg that offers 10gb of space when you only require 2gb of space.

    And remember getting a reseller account from a reliable and stable host would mean less support required for your clients.

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    I would search for Site5 on the forums before signing up with them, but then again you should do that for any host that you are looking to sign up with.

    just my .02

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    Do alot of research, the other alternative is "partnering up" with another host, Basically as an affiliate or refferal scheme.

    Good Luck in your search.
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    Hm, yeah, thanks. Site5 seems not to have the best reputation as I've read so far.

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    For a good reputation...

    I highly recommend I haved used several resellers, and HostNine is by far the best I've used so far. Their support is bar none. They offer support through phone, ticket, live chat (ok fairly standard) AND through every IM channel like yahoo, MSN, AIM etc. Their phone system is setup in such a way if they miss your call, it is logged and reported to the first CSR, and they call you back, even if you didn't leave a message, I was really impressed.

    Zero problems with uptime.

    Here is a huge kicker...

    Free RVskin


    Free ModernBill license

    As you know, RVskin allows you to integrate Modernbill into cPanel so the client only needs to know one login, that of cPanel.

    BTW, Opt for v4 ModernBill, v5 isn't ready yet, regardless of what anyone says...

    Oh yes, they also provide Reseller web templates for those of us that aren't a wiz at development.

    I am totally impressed with HostNine!

    P.S. When you get your free ModernBill license through HostNine, you will also get a FREE $7.95 enom account.

    You impressed? I was...

    Take a look...


    JB Hasman

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    I, too, am a web developer and use as my reseller host. I am very happy with them.

    Most all clients choose to host with me because they have no time to decide, nor have a clue where to begin. I offer hosting as an option...turns out they have entrusted me with their sites completely.

    Just be sure to select a reseller who has good reviews and support. Your business is reflected to your clients by the reseller host you select.

    Good luck

    Honest, Friendly Web Solutions

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    If you don't have much of the clients then you can start with a small reseller package which suits your requirement. If the client increases for you then you can go for a dedicated server so that you can host all the clients in your server.

    Thank you.


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    You start buy offering the hosting to your clients at good prices and making sure you have a reliable server or buying from a reliable reseller. As your clients will doubt your business if they cannot access the sites..

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    Send the host(s) you are interested in multiple emails asking lots of different questions, at different time of the day.
    Try not to host with a one man team. Jim2Macs' advise of trying multiple hosts is also a good one. There are many good hosts out there, find one you find comfortable working with as well. ^^

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    About one and a half year ago I sent some mails to different hosts asking some questions about their service and so on (about at that time I made the decision to change host for own sites/projects because I wanted to create db's and so on without having to request it to be done, simply to do more myself). If I remember right MediaTemple, TextDrive, and also Dreamhost replied to my questions rather fast without missing one. So thanks for your advices, I think I'll do that again (and differnt time will be a good idea indeed, thanks). And yep. One man not so good.

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