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    So I'm gonna build another computer...

    What socket type should I use if I go with AMD or Intel? What socket type will be around for a while and give me the best result?

    Also what should I look for while building this computer? (obviously pci-e) But I havn't been kept up-to-date with computer news so I'm open to suggestions.

    This computer will be used mainly for photoshop, web development, and word processing (internet surfing also lol)

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    the Intel d core i think is the latest on intels side. not sure on the AMD side of things. personally...people say AMD is better if your looking for games but I personally dont visually see a difference, however in your case we wouldnt have to worry about that.

    in previous experience of building custom pc's ive found out AMD to be priced cheaper then Intel but that depends were you shop. and yes you deff want to be looking at getting PCI-E as PCI and AGP are fizzing out.

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    Since you mentioned photoshop, make sure you get two hard disks; as photoshop performance increases if you put the "scratch file" on another physical disk.

    Tom's Hardware just happen to be running a series on building your own PC. Suggest you spend a good 20 minutes reading that.

    My rule has always been:

    1. Fast hard disk
    2. As much RAM as you can afford
    3. 400W+ power supply

    The rest is upto what you want the computer to do (what kind of graphics card, processor, etc).

    My recommendation:

    * Intel Extreme Processor
    * 2 GB RAM
    * 75 GB SCSI (10,000+ RPM) main drive
    * 160 GB SATA secondary drive

    If you ever plan to play with Linux, suggest you stick with an nVidia card (ATI's drivers aren't that great with Linux).
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    Extreme might be a bit overkill on the price. I have a Core2 2.13 and it work pretty well, plus I can push it up to about 2.4 easily. And that's not even the upper edge of OC. They all run at 1.6 Ghz on idle anyway, you only even use that top clock speed maybe < 5% of the time.
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    Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.13Ghz)
    2GB Corsair XMS2 800Mhz RAM
    XFX 8800GTX(S)

    If you can afford those, I'd get that. You won't need expensive CPU, because Core 2 Duo is very fast, and I doubt you'll need anything more than 2.4Ghz.

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    You should look for Intel Core 2 Duo proccessor and an montherboard which support PCI Express SATA2 hard drives and 667MHZ DDR2 ram modules. Make sure you go for 7200 rpm SATA2 hard drives and 10k RPM SATA2 drives if you can offord for best speeds. You should consider 2gb ram for upcoming windows vista and i will recommend atleast Geforce 7600SG based graphic card (around $150-$200) for medium performance and 7800GT for high end gaming. It really depends upon your budget and needs. If i were u i will select
    intel Core 2 duo 845 exterme
    intel motherboard
    GeForce 7600GT 256mb based card
    2gb 667 mhz ddr2 Ram
    160gb 10k sata2 drives
    dvd rw+-
    19" dell monitor

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    I like the ASUS P5B Deluxe, it's a great o/cing board as well.

    I never knew there were 10k SATA HDDs, I thought only SCSIs were 10k+. What are some models that are 10k?

    I don't know why everyone's suggesting an Core 2 Duo Extreme, because it isn't needed at all, it's just a waste of money. You can even o/c the E6400 to perform close to the Extreme with the stock intel heatsink.

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    Here's the specs I've got for a semi-decent gaming computer that I never end up building. But it should do good though Besides, AMD is cheaper performance per dollar wise

    Abit KN9 SLI nForce 570 AM2
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ AM2
    2GB GSkill PC6400 DDRII800 Dual Channel Kit [F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ]
    Palit 7900GS 256MB 256bit PCIE
    SilverStone ST65ZF 650W Power Supply

    The case, optical drive and hard drives is pretty standard (go for WD)

    And for the record: stay away from ATI (they can't write drivers), stay away from Gigabyte (they are everywhere for some reason), VIA and MSI. They are all pretty crappy

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