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    Syristech have disappeared

    My server with has been down for 5 days straight and i cannot get intouch with them.

    Their support system gives sql errors all over the place, the support email ([email protected]) just gives a bounce back. The phone number in their whois +1.5854820851 seems to be disconnected.

    I would move on to another host but i need to get the latest backups of my sites to save myself untold hours of work.

    I read in other threads that rasheen, who runs the site had been shot but that was a fair few weeks ago. Does anyone know whats going on?

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    It doesnt really need to be said but i would seriously warn anyone away from hosting with syristech/ kokohost and anyone associated with them.

    After over a week of downtime i setup my sites elsewhere. This is the second host to go awol on me. Stay away from as well.

    I found out the hard way, its worth paying the extra for a reliable host !

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    My website is also still up. But the mailserver isn't working for almost 2 months and they dont respond to support tickets, you can't mail them, they don't come on msn anymore...

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    why are you still with them then. Move on!

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