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    Question super low price dedicated linux server update


    this topic has been discussed many times. I am hoping to get updates to findings.

    Looking for a low, low, low spec server example:
    - AMD 2000
    - 256 MB
    - 40 GB HD
    - 200 GB traffic
    - 100 MB/s connection

    What are the really good deals going right now?
    The price shall be low, but the uptime shall be really really good, and the support shall respond with ina few hours with a ticketing system. Phone an optionl plus.

    What do you think?
    thank you very much

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    There is an old saying

    Quality, Speed, Cheap - Choose 2

    Basically if you want good support you will have to pay for it. A low price server will most likely be unmanaged so it means you will be on your own looking after it
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    I should specify the support a bit more.

    Basically an unmanged server.
    However if network is down, box has crashed and can not be accessed any more. The support should be able to respond with in a few hours to reboot the box.

    Currently I am happy with server pronto.

    Has somebody a similar provider to recommend?


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