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    bad experience with

    I have had my site hosted with for half a year I and would like to share my experience with you, as I saw it is never mentioned here.

    To be fair, the positive thing I can say about them is that their service is quite stable. Except one short period of downtime, I think it was continuously up all the time for months. So for a price of $20/$25 (without or with a domain) a year, their deal is very good, and one can expect almost no problems as long as one needs only what is included in their standard plan.

    However, their service is extremely unflexible. Apart from a few add-ons one can elect to add to the standard plan, nothing else is possible.

    As to their support - one should rarely need it if their standard plan is ok. But contacting their support team is difficult, their asnwers may come after a long time, and are often cryptic and no to the point - espceially after signing up...

    I would not recommend them, and hope this posting would keep people from trying them.
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    Well, for 0.07 cents per day, I can't see too much to complain about.

    Always remember, you get what you pay for.


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    More people should recognize that when you pay $20-25 a yr, this is exactly what you'll get and to have any higher expectations is just asking for disappointment.

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    Look it like this:

    If you ate at a fine steak/seafood restaurant, the staff would go out of their way to make you satisfied if your bill was $100 or so

    However if you ate at a hot dog stand infront of a gas station for $1, what type of customer service would you expect?

    Both would fill your stomach, but the service would be expected to be much different.

    AND if you told the hot dog vendor you wouldn't return to him because of poor customer service, WOULD HE CARE FOR ONLY $1 ?

    Sometimes paying more for service is worth it in the long run. The only time I recommend extra cheap, is if the site is not that important (like a fan page, or gaming site for fun, etc).

    However a business site should always pay the standard $20 to $30/month fee and never trust their website to the extra cheap web host!!!

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