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    Web Design using Visual Studio.Net


    I am new in this but I have a Question.
    I have a web site which is on a Unix server with linux software. I have FrontPage Extentions.
    I think I cannot use the Visual Studio.Net to create my web site and upload it. Can you confirm this to me pls.
    Thanks in advance

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    Well, there are two things you should notice:

    1) You are only able to run compiled applications with Mono Project libraries installed on your Unix server. Otherwise it won't run

    2) You can use Visual Studio.Net to create your 'static' html and then host them wherever you want

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    i think FrontPage Extensions have been phased out and can't be used in visual

    If you can find an old version of frontpage then you could use them i imagain

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    new frontpage, Sharepoint designer, and Microsoft Expression web will work with front page extensions. There's no need to use an old copy
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    if you dont need the frontpage extensions, you dont have to use the .net editor.

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    Frontpage Server Extensions are basically for some components that are ran on the server to help people build their website.

    Sharepoint and Expressions Web both support FPSE but as said, FPSE are being phased out.

    Visual Studio.Net is usually used to create (website) applications and might be overkill for just a basic website

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