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    Need oppinion on the banner

    heya, I would like to know you oppinion on the b2nner - how does it look, what would u do differently, does it stick in your mind?

    any advise or oppinion would be much apprishiated, thank you.
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    Hello. I like your banner. But I think that your colors are subdued. As far a s I know banners have to have a sccript (scenario). Banners with good scenario are interesting to look at them and they will do profit.

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    what do you mean by subdued? my site will be in those colors - if u go to (its not rdy yet) - you'll see , I was aiming for different colors from main stream. something that would stand out.

    Could you explain me more about script (scenario) bit a little more, im new to this. thanx!

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    I think those are definetely lifely colours you have choosen that might serve you well.
    It also has this certain UK feeling that comes with it. For me the banner is a authentic image of young people from the UK and I assume thats where your target audience is.

    Best regards
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    I ment that your banner isn't bright. And colors make your banner imperceptible. If you want to get good CTR you have to think about it.

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    I hate that banner... all that fast movement.

    Beyond that, it needs to stop on the third movement. You know, where you list your website and say "click here" in white. Well, it stops there for about one or two seconds and moves on to all that flashy crap. You want people to read the last part so they will know your company name and where to visit online... it goes to fast for anyone to actually use the information....

    All that movement....
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    thank you very much for the feed back everyone! much apprishiated, the more critical you are the better improvments I can make. The banner was not done by myself a friend of mine made it.

    @ KeaLes - I do appologize, but english is not my native language, but am I correct to understand that what you are trying to say is that the colors are bit too bland and subtle? that it could use be more brighter - livly.

    @hekwu - thanx, I did notice that as well that ending is bit too quick...

    One thing that I noticed straight away was that its quite simple? anyone else? also does it look like its done quickly and maybe like an hour spent on it or even less....

    Does it stand out or does it just looks simple nothing special???
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