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    Partner Communication?

    Hello, i am a web hosting newbie and would like to know how you communicate with co-workers about business decisions (if you are not the only decision maker).

    Our company is a parternership with no main office so we setup a forum of sorts for our decision making. So far it helps us keep track of everything but i am a little worried about security and wonder if there is a better way to do this.

    Does anyone use certain software for this or have any or good or bad experiences? I am happy with our current method but want to know how the rest of the world co-operates on decision making.

    Thanks! / / : Interested?

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    I generally talk with people via ICQ, if its really sensitive, we just enable PGP....
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    If long distance ..
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    well my partner is 90 miles away, which to you guys in the US is nothing but its a fair distance to us UK people, we either talk via the net or phone, but if its soemthing really important we meet up......usually every coupld of weeks to go over things.
    I am the main decision maker tho, hes a sort of silent partner so we dont have many problems.

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