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    help: neureal, bluetechsolutions, or another host?

    Hi, I am looking for a new host for a low-traffic site.

    My minimal requirements are:

    Subdomains + e-mail at subdomains (a must),
    50MB (the site is small, but I really need a lot of space for e-mail),
    Bandwidth: about 1GB.
    A control panel which can handle everyting.

    The top options I am considering are:

    ( was a third option, but in the meantime I dismissed them as they did not repond some of my e-mails).

    The plans suitable for my needs at both cost $47.40 a year, and I don't want to spend more on that.

    Although I have read some postings about the, I would appreciate more current experience about any of them, and
    if you know of other hosts which you have good experince with, I will be glad to receive recommendations.

    Thank you!
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    I have never actually heard of any of the above mentioned hosts. I would do a search on here and see if you can find out some info and maybe email there support a couple times and see how fast there response times are.. good luck

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    I also havn't heard of any of those. Doing a search, as OKIHost suggested, on the forums would be your best bet. You could also try searching on as there may be a thread about them there.

    There are many many many hosts that have what you are looking for. You could also put a post in the requests section of this forum and see what you get.

    I have had personal experience with and recommend:
    and while I'm not hosted there yet, the folks at have been great with answering questions

    You can also look around through this part of the forum to see what other hosts are around.

    Good luck

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    too expensive

    Thanks for the answers. My needs are extremely modest, and I don't see a reason to pay more than the hosts I have already seen charge for their minimal plans. I am looking for solutions at a cost of no more than $50 a year.

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    Question and

    I tend to prefer over, as they support more features which are of use for me, and use the better h-sphere control panel.

    However, bluetechsolutions have responded to all my inquiries with great speed and accuracy, and it seems that at least their support people are excellent, and probably the fastetst I have ever seen. The downside there, for me, is that they charge a fee for additional subdomains, and allow a limited quantity of mysql databases.

    If any of you have had any experience with them, or some recent experience with, please let me know. I will have to make a decision soon.


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