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    Anyone have any experience with them. Any reviews and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Searched but didn't find much


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    They are very slow to respond... I emailed to check about their pricing and I got a reply back after a week.
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    email response has been great for me. looking for any reviews of their network.


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    here is a review for , their was pretty fast from beginning to fix problems and answer on mail. Now since 1 week ago my server can´t get a better speed then 1mbit , most likely 0.5mbit , my adsl line are 10 times faster. This server I am paying over 400 euro to them..... So its not a cheap server.......

    They are not answerings my mail now and they cant give a answer why the network is so slow.

    So I dont recomend this company at all...... I think they are some reseller for ovh network or something...

    Cheers, vroom

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