Some people complain about Aplus hosting. I also noticed they have unsatisfactory rating with Better Business Bureau. So I went to speak to their support personnel about this. They kicked me out the chatroom. So I went back and spoke to their sales person via chat. He was nice, his name was Vince. He told me they have 200,000 customers and it's normal some of them complain. Former employees of aplus also trashed the company publicly see here, and better business bureau report here. Now, I have 3 questions:

1. Is it reasonable to have 1 outage per day lasting 15 minutes on either shared or dedicated hosting?

2. In terms of outages, is aplus's value-dedicated server as good as their regular dedicated server, providing value-dedicated does not offer support?

3. Is it reasonable for a company to ask for $150/hour to transfer files from their shared to their dedicated server, given the fact they promised to do it 3 months ago whenever I need it?

(Optional) Any other "big" companies to recommend?

Thank you.