After a good long think we have had to decide to list for sale our baby ..
We are only selling because we have another new project taking up all our time and is not getting the time it should be getting from us.

Included in this sale is PR 5 Predicted at update 5 PR 3 Predicted at update 6 PR 3 Predicted at update 5 PR 4 PR 0 Predicted at update 5 PR 0 Predicted at update 5

The sales are approx 300-500 Per week
sales have slowed down form 6 weeks ago it was taking 1000-1250 a week.. ( When we were advertising on webmaster sites.

I have not posted any individual stats If you wish for any please feel free to PM me or my business partner AGS We will answer any questions for you.

It is with regret we are selling as around 175 users has approx 60 users I can provide exact figures if needed.

We are looking for stating bids of $16,000 and BIN will be set later.

To recap whats included Full rights to all the following...

Start Bid please $16,000

End Date 18th Dec 11PM G.M.T
Listed at DigitalPoint and Namepros