On a computer when I try to open something up in Windows Media Player from a link online (e.a. a video, radio station, audio file) Windows Media Player generates some error and gives me the usual option of send or don't send to the windows center. But when I choose to play a video/audio file that is already stored on the computer itself, it plays just fine. So I've uninstalled the current version and tried installing an older as well as newer version. I was running 10 at the time and tried 9 and 11, I still get the same error when I click a link on a website. After uninstalling and reinstalling various different versions, I tried a registry scan fix & repair and it found one error with the wmplayer.exe which it fixed. After running the scan, I tried playing a file from a website again and still I would get the same error. Its' not anyone particular site or time of day. Virus scan found nothing on the computer either. Any suggestions?