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    Weird problem, server loses connection every hour?

    I have no idea what is causing this weird problem. Ever since I had to restore my site on a new harddrive, every hour or so my server appears as if it goes offline or loses connection for a minute, then everything comes back and there is no evidence of any problems. The load is not high, there is plenty of RAM, there are no errors about anything being down or having to be restarted, but every hour suddenly my sites go offline and display the "Page cannot be displayed" error but everything returns to normal a minute later. Is it perhaps ServerMatrix network lag?

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    I would have to guess that it isnt the network. Sounds more like you are having issues with the server itself. To be more specific I would say it is a software issue.

    It may be the network, but I would highly doubt it, it may be as extreme as an issue with the network card, but that i really highly doubt.

    I would suggest that you look into the software, os, and scripts you are running on your site, as any one of those could contribute to the issue.


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    Maybe you could set a ping loop and log to textfile to see if get packet loss while the site is unresponsive.
    -Mr Bister

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    cron job restarting httpd maybe?

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    Actually there is such a cron, however it should only run every eight hours and it uses this command:

    /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl graceful

    When I run that command in SSH it never causes a huge delay like it does now so I am not sure if that is the cause.

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    why don't you monitor your server with montastic and see how often outages happen?

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    Depending on what system and what webserver you use. If it is Apache I suspect it could be caused by max connection limit. I have experienced this myself with Apache on Win2k3 and the condition matches your description perfectly.

    When you get that "page cannot be displayed" error, try and ping your server to see if it is Apache's fault for not serving you or it is the server that is not responding to any incoming connection.

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