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    What are the Best VPS companies?

    I have around 15 websites .. want to move from reseller to vps.. looking for linux vps.. having great support,space, bandwidth and uptime.

    Please share your personal experience with VPS companies..


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    In the past I used to purchase VPS from EBay but honestly they weren't good enough. So after trying out many companies I found Godaddy to be the best . Yes there may be few people complaining about them but in reality their service is very fast and gives cool features. Also they don't over all their server but instead only 10 VPS owner in a single server.

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    godaddy is good but they dont provide cpanel

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    Yes..but if the stats were any example...the vps's are not correctly setup.
    There was only one person who posted:

    cat proc/user_beancounters

    and it was terrible. The kernel was allocated only 4% (if memory serves) of RAM..when it really needs 15% to 20% to function *properly*. The Op asked them to fix it..and they said no. I find that unacceptable...if it happened that way.

    Could you please do the command after logging as root and cd .. (ing) out of the /root directory, please? It wouldn't surprise me, personal experiences have been horrible using them for anything but domains.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcodemasters
    godaddy is good but they dont provide cpanel
    Hmm... Godaddy should provide CPanel. But if they don't then their resellers definitely does .

    Check out: and try ordering Virtual Dedicated Server and you will see the option to Built Your Own.

    So choose built your own and you will see the option for Simple Control Panel. CPanel and Plesk . Besides also take some time and do research.

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    I would say check out PowerVPS, LiquidWeb, Servint and HostDime.

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    i heard about powervps but theie plans seem costly .. if i go with LINUX CPANEL POWER-1 then they only provide 10Gb space.. 10 GB for a VPS does not make any sense.. i can get a dedicated server in $90-99 with 80 GB space then why should i go with 10 Gb space for $44.50... its more than half

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    Because disk space is not a measure of performance, it's just storage space. A $90 - $99 dedicated server is going to have half if not much less the power of a decent VPS.

    I run a major site (3 million page views a month, 700,000 uniques) on a EuroVPS VPS, whereas to get a dedicated server which would give me even close to that sort of power would cost me twice as much if not more.
    Koroush Ghazi
    Currently Hosted by: EuroVPS

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    can anyone has recommendation of eurovps?

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    i find hostmaven really good
    cPanel, CloudLinux, Softaculous ℵ Off Site Backups, Redundant DNS

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    I'm also looking for a good VPS, but I sure know a bad VPS company: Midphase. I had my account ugraded to VPS a month ago, it's still not working, my clients are still calling me about things that are missing on their accout like sub domains. I've lost clients and I know that I have some that are mostlikely looking for another hosting company. Now I know why some people just go nuts and start shooting.


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    I also looking for a good and cheap vps (student price for sure!)... And actually I have found that I was looking for but since their prince increased I have to find another vps provider

    My second choice go for future hosting and I like the platinum but the price a bit expensive for me.... I hope they have a coupon for 40 or 45% off... and I know its not gonna happen :p Basically I am still looking now... Hopefully OP, other people and I can find the right vps that suite for us.


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    I recommend HostMaven as well. I have been with them about a month. Their response to any tickets are lightning fast, uptime is wonderful. Tyler even contacted me last night to see how things were going and if there was anything they could do to help. I have *never* had a host contact me for a follow-up like that.

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    I've heard many bad things about GoDaddy VPS. Poor performance, unspecified memory availability, etc.

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    I personally use Tektonic for me and my partners email and websites; although I do have a VPS with my company also..

    Tektonic have been good to me in the past, and I have read reports and threads on here slating them to hell, each to their own I guess.. I've had no real issues with them, downtime here and there but thats acceptable and reasonable for any company, especially for the amount I pay
    Carl Pickering, Line3 Internet
    UK VPS Provider; 99.98% uptime

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    does anyone have vps coupens?

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    I am using Hostdime VPS about 5 months with no problem.

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    i have decided to buy hostmaven vps package.. i will post my experience with them here... thanks for all suggestions

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    If things don't work out, or for others looking for VPS providers try: The Byte Shack at

    Very reliable, good support, good performance.

    We have a few VPS's from them ourselves for remote file storage, failover and DNS for about 3 mos and no complaints.

    They aren't the cheapest, but worth every penny because they don't oversell and have their own US Based support.

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