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    Divinity ->> Pay for what you use!

    Divinity, fast and reliable. You can trust us, with our uptme and service their's no need to look else where. We got you covered.

    For this month, we will be providing unmetered features and no setup fees for all free/paid hosting. *Only for USA hosting*

    Our special "Pay for what you use" Deal
    $1.00 per month + what you only use!
    No setup Fees!

    You start off with:
    Storage: 500mb
    Bandwidth: 25gb
    features: unmetered
    Cpanel 10
    Unmetered (Sub)Domain hosting
    99.9% Uptime

    WHM/WHM Reseller enabled by $5.00 fee.
    Overseller is disabled by defualt.
    Dedicated Ip $2.00 per month each.

    Payable by:
    (Ask for a possible different billing usage, if not listed)

    Storage: Price Per Month
    1gb $2.00 each
    5gb $8.00 each
    10gb $15.00 each

    Bandwidth: Price Per Month
    5gb $2.00 each
    20gb $7.00 each
    30gb $10.00 each

    At the end of each month, you will be charged by what you have used for the current month. If you do not go over our given storage and/or bandwidth you will only be charged with the current base price.

    If you do go over the given, you will only be charged not by the full gb but by mb. - Main Website - Forums

    PM/Contact me for questions, concerns, comments, etc.

    Divinity - Happy Holidays!

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    Is it me - or does this sound like a bad situation in the making here...the principal is good, the structure maybe needs some working on....


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