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    Hosting Recommendation (w/ Email Archiving?)

    Currently using Verio and having lots of problems with emails getting lost. Small business with Approximately 10 users. Looking for new company to host web and email. First priority is reliable email. Can't afford to have our clients block our emails because they think they are coming from Verio and are spam.

    Second thing is we would really like to have email archiving-- is there any services that provide this or does anyone have any software or hardware solutions that they would recommend for a small business? Need this to be either built in to our new host or be compatible with it.

    Considering GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Just found this forum and see there may be better options.

    Please advise.

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    Hello Simon

    Welcome to WHT.
    What exactly do you mean with "Email Archiving"?
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    he means something that saves all emails sent and received. we have a system at my work we developed. its very specifit to our business however.

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    I've seen a few products like Imation ComplianceVault and Athena Archiver. Does anyone have experience with these? Do any hosting companies offer this?

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    I don't know about you but all my incoming and outgoing mail are saved automatically.
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    ComplianceVault prices start as low as $7995.00

    Athena Archiver has a hosted solutions which starts at $150 for 10 email addresses and 1 GB of diskspace. With the Athena solution, it wouldn't matter which Web Host you choose, you would just have them set the MX record to point to Athena's server.
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    So with that in mind, any recommendations on something to replace Verio for approximately 10 users?

    sTag-Dan, for all of your employees? what is your setup?

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    I would get a host which allows modifying of DNS records, and use GMAIL as your mailing client!

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    One of our customers uses this for their email archiving for thirty employees. It wasn't all that expensive (recurring monthly fee) and provides a method of archiving all emails. They run their own Exchange server in-house, but I believe they have ways to make their system work with any mail server.
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    that or Micosofts live.. gmail and live would have to be the most reliable becuase of its scale... and space.

    Why not use pop3 with outlook? and save emails localy?
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    the purpose for us archiving is not to keep backups it is for legal reasons. if employees send messages we need a record of them that can not be deleted.

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    i think a custom solution may be workable with an exchange provider. it would not work out of the box but is customizable where i think it would work for you.

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