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    Credit Card Processors

    Im helping my brother set up a website and he needs a credit card processor. Can anyone recommend, or have a list of any UK companies that accept switch cards as well as the reset.


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    Here are some good ones.

    - 2CheckOut
    - PayPal
    - WorldPay
    - BluePay

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    113 is not a credit card processor. They are only a payment gateway. You will need a merchant account to use with or else it will not work.
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    At least someone said it. Where's CDG is an electronic payment gateway like LinkPoint and Verisign's Payflow Services. You still need a merchant account provider (like First Data, CDG, Chase, etc) to complete your 'merchant account services'

    Depending on your business / volume - check out WorldPay, Paypal, 2Checkout, HSBC, Barclay's, and the gateway Protx. Lloyds of London might also be another one (sorry I fell asleep a lot in geography)

    WorldPay might be one of the better options but while Barclay's and HSBC will probably cost a bit more to get started.

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    you could try plimus too
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    I would go with WorldPay, they are owned by a bank and work pretty stable.

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    Anyone know a merchant with Credit Card Processors which is available for Vietnammeese (I mean their worldwide service), I tried 2checkout, but I saw that if buyer submit a charge back or a dispute, I will have to pay 2co 50$ or more for each time, it's not good for me. thx,

    As I known paypal dun accept VietNam in their list, Neteller close accounts without a reason, and so easy.

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    Guys, keep in mind the following part of their request:
    Can anyone recommend, or have a list of any UK companies that accept switch cards as well as the reset.
    This means that MOST any company doing business in the U.S. is not going to provide them with service, because they're NOT a U.S. company.
    The following will (most likely) NOT accept foreign customers:

    -- CDG

    Outside of the U.S. , you're somewhat limited compared to inside of the U.S. for what processors can be used. These are the three that I know of right off hand that accept customers outside of the U.S.

    -- Paypal
    -- 2checkout
    -- worldpay

    Bluepay might,. but as they're a U.S. based company, and a direct processor, most likely it's not going to work there either.
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    i will try worldpay

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