$4999 - Small Business Store license, design and setup. $49.99 per month hosting - MIVA or Suite 280 Commerce

$6999 - Professional Store design and setup, $129.99 per month hosting - Suite 280 Commerce

We will schedule people to begin work right away on these but we only have limited slots open (in other words, there are only so many we can handle at one time). The time it takes from beginning to end is typically two months. We are looking for people to start the store building/design part in July and deploy in the beginning of September. Hosting billing does not start until the store design and setup is complete.

Close by end of this month (June 2002) and we'll include some custom features like modules for Miva or custom work for Suite280 Commerce (some limitations).

Contact me for this deal - John Shaw, 303 913 4656 or email me at [email protected]

Refernces available on request. Please also see our site to get a better idea of us - our experince, capabilities and expertise - http://www.paravance.com