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    For a SATAII HD with 3Gbps data transfer, do you need the necessary SATAII cable too?

    I don't know about much about hardware, and there are two harddrives in my desktop that are SATAII with 3Gbps data transfer and still using the same SATA cables I've been using I believe when the SATA(I) technology was still new.(years ago). So I've been wondering, to get max performance out of SATAII HardDrive with 3Gbps data transfer to, do you need the necessary sata cables too?

    I've been seeing SATA 1.5Gbps and SATAII 3Gbps cables, for example:


    And the one that I have inside my desktop I believe is the SATA 1.5Gbps cable. (It looks similar from its appearance).
    But what from I found, SATAII cables are rarer than SATAI and mostly comes from SilverStone, why is that?

    SATA 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps cables also differs in (physical) appearance, so do you need some other things to install the 3Gbps cable?

    And the most important question, does switching from 1.5Gbps to 3Gbps sata cables increase the performance noticeably?

    Thanks, I seem to be confused when it comes to hardware because there are just so many different things out there. Hope someone can clear the sata cables differences for me.
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    The only thing that is diff between sata1 and sata2 us the bus. The cable to get the data from the drive to the mobo is the same. and in the real world you wont notice it.
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    Yeah, It's not noticeable at all.

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