I am very pleased to announce the release of version 3 of VideoSearchScript Professional. This version adds the long-awaited embedded content function, allowing the admin to choose to display videos in-site, or as a link. You can view the official homepage and info by clicking here.

VideoSearchScript is a content indexing script. It uses RSS feeds to index content (whether it be videos, games, images, etc - it's completely up to you!). The script includes a clean layout which is very easy to customize with little or no PHP experience. It uses a PHP/MySQL backbone. Although designed to update every hour, you can have the script update at any custom interval!

You determine where the feeds come from: YouTube, EvilChili, Dorks, or thousands of other available feeds! Pull videos, images, games...any content that you want to offer your visitors. Content can be sorted by category, allowing your visitors easy access to the content they want. With designated ad spots already integrated, you can be drawing traffic and gaining ad clicks in no time!

CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO! - Admin login instructions below.


Guest Features

- Browse and search all content
- Comment on content (if allowed by admin)
- Add new feeds for admin approval

User Features

- Easy user registration system
- Browse and search all content
- Comment on content
- Track browsing history (if enabled)
- Add favorites
- Request RSS feeds be added
- Receive mass emails from admin

Administrative Features

- Make content searchable, not browsable (control what appears on home page)
- Delete unwanted content
- Enable/disable history feature
- Enable/disable comments system
- Enable/disable guest comment posting
- Allow/deny guests to view comments
- Customize signup emails
- Approve, deny, edit, or delete RSS feeds
- Make a feed only appear when 18+ is enabled by user
- Mass email all users (newsletters, announcements, etc.)
- Manage users (view details, delete users)
- Edit categories
- Add feeds to specific categories
- Edit all features via a single config file
- Edit content to appear in-site (when supported), or link to the original content provider

Other Features

- Auto-index of content via RSS feeds
- Listing of included feeds and their sites
- Compatible with not only videos, but virtually any other multimedia
- FFMPEG support
- Framed video viewing
- In-site video vieing
- Ad integration
- Free upgrades for life
- Technical support for life
- 99.9% open source (one file encrypted to protect licensing)

Admin Demonstration

You can test the admin panel in the demo by typing "admin:video" (without quotes) into the top or bottom search bar. This will give you administrative access. You can see further admin links at the bottom of the page after gaining access.

Purchase Information

Your purchase of a one domain license for only $50 entitles you not only to VSS, but to lifetime support and upgrades, all free. Every time we add a feature to VSS, you'll get it free! Having a problem with installation? Order custom installation for only $10, or simply submit a support ticket via our client centre!


If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at [email protected], PM me here, or ask a question in this thread!