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Market Post Tower (MPT) is the major gateway of Silicon Valley data and peering traffic, located in the heart of downtown San Jose, California. MPT is a 289,965 square foot facility that is home to MAE-West. Today in the telecommunications community, MPT is widely known as one of the most connected peering points around the globe.

Structure & Fašade
Steel frame with concrete slabs and concrete fireproofing.
Aluminum window system and gold tinted windows.
Electrical Capacity
Typical power allocation is approximately 40 watts per sq. ft. expandable to 80 watts per sq. ft.
Each cabinet and 4' x 6' cage receives a 110 volt, 20 amp circuit.
Main power is 480 volt, 3 phase.
Manned, on-site security is present 24/7/365.
Keycard system is in place for after-hours building entry and floor access.
Primary Power
480 volt, 3-phase power delivered to the central power riser on each floor via a conduit riser system.
Power allocated is based on the tenant's actual demonstrated loads.
Typical power allocation is 80 watts per sq. suite 1070 and 1090 data centers.
Fire Suppression
Pre-action fire suppression systems have been installed in all building technical spaces.
FM-200 system can be installed if required.
HVAC Cooling
New, fully redundant, 1,500-ton condenser water system with tenant tap-ins pre-installed in one of the wet risers on each floor.

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